White venetian plaster wall in bedroom




Polished plaster can be applied on natural stones, cement boards, bricks, tiles, drywall and wood. It is a safe alternative when it is too expensive to carve or too heavy and difficult to install marble panels and concrete. It can be applied to complex surfaces including balustrades, arches, columns as well as uneven walls.


Once polished plaster dries it becomes rock-hard so it resists shinking and also has some flex to it. It is able to withstand slight movements and impact very well without cracking and a skilled plasterer's creativity can be admired for many years to come.


With polished plaster, moisture is able to escape from the substrate. It acts as a natural fungicide, is totally breathable and bacteria free. These characteristics mean polished plaster is ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, pool and spa areas.


Polished plaster is the ultimate bespoke wall surfacing product. It can be customised to suit the syle of your home. Whether you want classic and traditional or unique and contempory. It can be smooth or highly textured, tinted to a bold colour or left neutral. The possibilities are endless.


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