Light and Shadow


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”.

 - Pablo Picasso

Our team continuously explore new products and application methods to express creativity and design in a wide range of finishes. Our expertise and specialist applications allow us to evolve our finishes and meet our client's ever changing briefs.


To create a memorable experience by going beyond the traditional ideas of plastering while enhancing the quality and success of all those involved.


Claddagh Plastering will be widely recognised as a leading NZ decorative plastering service by focusing on the accomplishments of our clients.


We carry out our work with PRIDE. Professionalism, Respect, Inspiration, Development, Enjoyment.
This set of five values defines our behavior, not only with clients or on projects, but with one another.

Leaves Shadow


No matter who we work with; clients, employees, suppliers and the community, our culture of care extends through all we do. It is our passion to constantly pursue fresh ideas for specialist finishes and our commitment to our clients mean we work together to create long-lasting solutions.

We strive to put our influence to good use, starting in our home/office with waste reduction and extending to our community with donation, sponsorship and volunteer time.


What We Promise 
Whether it's a bathroom renovation or a luxury hotel, the company promises to treat every project with the same respect, care and love no matter what the size or budget is.
"We will ALWAYS listen and respect you.
We will ALWAYS be honest and communicate with you.
We will ALWAYS show pride in our work and ourselves.
This is our promise to you.”