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Bespoke Decorative Finishes

At Claddagh Plastering we create bespoke decorative wall finishes using an extensive range of premium lime based plasters and luxury paints.
We specialise in the application of Polished Plasters, Microcement and Concrete Finishes allowing clients the facility to deliver unique concepts with imagination being the only limit. 

Our finishes offer endless possibilities to translate your ideas into beautiful, one of a kind spaces.

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Image by Jørgen Håland
Textured plastered walls are perfect for your large commercial spaces where your environment needs to create an immediate impact - or provide a familiar backdrop. Perfectly suited to enhance any interior, whether it's in the residential sector, hospitality industry, office, retail or education sector.
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Use polished plaster for your bathroom renovation, kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround or feature walls and ceilings. Our application of textured plastered walls will bring style to your home and we work together with you to add a distinctive stamp to any interior.
Polished plaster walls in a residential luxury living room

Claddagh Plastering was founded by Wayne Savage and with over 20 years experience, Wayne is an artisan who believes in the power of unique spaces and objects to transform daily life. Wayne, among New Zealand's most prominent venetian plaster artisans, is a preferred certified applicator for many of the area's polished plaster suppliers. He heads one of the areas most successful and versatile decorative plastering firms and leads a passionate team that aims to turn everyday spaces and objects into beautiful pieces of art.

Claddagh Plastering are quickly being sought after nationwide for their incredible bespoke high-end finishes. Using a range of premium plasters and their creative way of thinking, Claddagh Plastering are able to bring their clients visions to reality.


We understand that sometimes the idea of trying to coordinate a new bathroom or paint the baby's room can be overwhelming. You might be working with a designer, decorator, builder or architect. Or you might be the homeowner managing all these moving pieces on your own! We can help you focus on the finishes that will define your space the way you have imagined it.

See What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

"Wayne is the best. His workmanship is excellent. We decided to renovate ourselves and after stripping the bathroom we had to plaster the whole room. Wayne changed a very sad situation into an amazing finish. His workmanship is the best I have seen. I will recommend him to anyone wanting work done."

Elizabeth Adams

"Communication was great with Wayne, there was a lot of organising to do and it was all so easy. Wayne was straight into the job as soon as it was ready for him and kept on working from start to finish. We're very happy with the finished product."


"Fantastic workmanship, under a tight time frame. Worked tirelessly into the evening on weekends to get the job done. Would strongly recommend to my clients, friends and family. Well done Claddagh Plastering!"

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