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Bespoke Decorative Finishes

At Claddagh Plastering we create bespoke decorative finishes using an extensive range of lime based plasters and luxury paints.
We are experts in Venetian Plaster applications and specialise in decorative finishes including Polished Plaster, Micro-Cement, Luxury Paints, Oxidation and Concrete Finishes.
We understand that sometimes the idea of trying to coordinate a new bathroom or paint the baby's room can be overwhelming. You might be working with a designer, decorator, builder or architect. Or you might be the homeowner managing all these moving pieces on your own! We can help you focus on the finishes that will define your space the way you have imagined it!

Polished Plaster concrete look restaurant
Polished plaster for your large commercial spaces where your environment needs to create an immediate impact - or provide a familiar backdrop.
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Natural wall finishes for your bathroom, kitchen backsplash, fireplace surrond or feature walls and ceilings. Our range of plaster finishes will bring style to your home.


Venetian plaster is eco-friendly! If you want to go green, this wall finish will help you do that. All the materials that make Venetian plaster are all natural, nontoxic and emit zero VOC's - (Volatile Organic Compounds are a large group of chemicals that are found in many products we use to build and maintain our homes.) For those that don’t know anything about this type of plaster; you can find out more here: environmental-benefits-of-venetian-plaster





Christchurch owned and operated, Claddagh Plastering was founded by Wayne Savage in 2017. Originating from Ireland, Wayne came to Christchurch after the earthquakes to help with the rebuild. He has over 18 years experience in the plastering industry and his creative way of thinking allows him to visualise what clients want and turn it into reality.

See What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

"Wayne is the best. His workmanship is excellent. We decided to renovate ourselves and after stripping the bathroom we had to plaster the whole room. Wayne changed a very sad situation into an amazing finish. His workmanship is the best I have seen. I will recommend him to anyone wanting work done."

Elizabeth Adams

"Communication was great with Wayne, there was a lot of organising to do and it was all so easy. Wayne was straight into the job as soon as it was ready for him and kept on working from start to finish. We're very happy with the finished product."

Paul - Builders Crack

"Fantastic workmanship, under a tight time frame. Worked tirelessly into the evening on weekends to get the job done. Would strongly recommend to my clients, friends and family. Well done Claddagh Plastering!"

Michael Calder

We are trained in the application of Advanced Spirito Libero products and are certified to purchase Advanced Spirito Libero within New Zealand.

Claddagh Plastering are trained applicators in New Zealands Novacolor's Wall to Floor systems specialising in seamless finishes.

We are certified applicators and 1 of only a handful of preferred artisans for our Giorgio Graesan supplier here in New Zealand.

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We're committed to keeping our work sites a safer place and we are proud to be affiliated with Site Safe NZ. Safeguarding our clients and the wellbeing of our staff is paramount. Find us on the Member Directory.

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