The materials we use and the skills we have mean that we can take your ideas and turn them into stunning reality - creating the unique result you are looking for.
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ISTINTO creates a smooth or coarse texture wall covering with 169 colours to choose from.  It is the only Venetian Plaster worldwide that has the ability to cover minor imperfections in walls (scratches, dents and also poor stopping work in the plasterboard joints) with only a SINGLE COAT! It is ideal where speed of application is needed typical of commercial jobs. It contains Lime, Marble and Natural powders. It is a natural anti-mildew and bactericidal product. Collection includes Aged Stone, Bamboo, Engraved Stone, Metal, Natural Cement, Polished Stone, Split Stone and Zen Stone. It is applied in one coat.


SPATULA STUHHI is entirely natural, without the use of any resins. It is a high gloss finish, classified as one of the most eco-friendly products in its field. The product contains no solvents and is A1 fire rated. Spatula Stuhhi is alkaline resistant and highly resistant to humidity. It is applied in three steps.


SPIRITO LIBERO is a high quality Marmorino. Marmorino is a type of plaster that consists of powdered marble and lime paste. With 169 colours to choose from. It breathes extremely well and its constant carbonation process makes it highly resistant to humidity. Marmorino plaster can be finished via multiple techniques for a variety of matte, satin, and glossy final effects. It creates a contemporary finish with a busy pattern in only two light coats.


MURO NATURALE is a lime based product with marble powders of various sizes, natural minerals and MICA. A Natural Wall to Smooth, to Touch and to Live in all its 169 Colours.
Easily applied, it is excellent for filling and presents a natural resistance to the forming of mould and bacteria. Perfectly stable over time. Applied in just one coat, it can be left natural for maximum breathability, or coated for superior protection.


GIOIA is a pearlescent product available in 169 Colours.
Consisting of flakes of silver mother of pearl, it illuminates your walls with iridescent reflections.
The signs of the brush strokes are highlighted by grazing illumination.


ORO is a pearlescent product available in 107 Colours.
Consisting of flakes of gold mother of pearl, it warms your walls with iridescent golden reflections.
The signs of the brush strokes are highlighted by grazing illumination.


WHITE PAINT is an iridescent product available in 169 Colours.
Consisting of whitish-silvered mother of pearl flakes, it illuminates your walls with a load of reflections. The signs of the brush strokes are highlighted by grazing illumination.


LA VIA LATTEA reflects the light of your room into a starry sky.
It's an acrylic painting additived of white microspheres, resins and pyramid-shaped metal fragments, available in 169 Colours. It reacts to light by changing reflections, following the different illuminations. The wall will have a uniform appearance. The reflections are highlighted by frontal lighting


MINIMAL is the lifestyle that allows you to get away from what is unessential. Available in 169 Colours
A finish that is slightly stained and sanded that characterises the walls without excesses and distractions. It reacts to light creating shiny opaque reflections following the different illuminations.


AURORA BOREALE is a transparent resin that holds in the light it receives and then emits it in the presence of total darkness. The product, completely transparent, maintains the colour of the background without variation. The surface previously illuminated by direct light, will light up in the dark, highlighting aesthetic effects and the play of light. Applied onto ISTINTO using a brush or sponge and then washed over with a clean sponge and water, in the dark it increases the contrast between the smooth and rough parts


CREA IL TUO UNIVERSO is applied by brush. The ceiling of your room in the dark will be lit with millions of stars. During the day it will charge with light and in the evening will light up your nights and those of your children, taking you to a world of dreams.


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