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Venetian plaster in office and executive spaces

Venetian plaster is growing in popularity especially in world-renowned firms. International airports, real estate branches, law firms and a wide range of other businesses are choosing venetian plaster for their interiors. The reason? It's eco-friendly, it creates a lasting first impression and it gives off a sense of sophistication.

While venetian plaster is becoming more popular within office buildings, it is typically reserved for boardrooms and meeting areas with the most popular place to use venetian plaster being the reception area. This area has to look as good as possible because it is used by staff and clients all the time.

Christchurch Airport Reception - Custom-made colour

Another reason venetian plaster is growing in popularity in offices is the range of colour options available make it perfect to complement corporate branding. For companies who want to theme their building, venetian plaster is a high-class option.

Venetian plaster is traditionally a smooth plaster that is typically polished to a high gloss. Hence, the term ‘polished plaster’. But if you are wanting to create a dramatic effect, this can be achieved by manipulating the plaster with tools before it dries. You can create walls that are matte, satin or glossy. The choice is yours.

Architects and interior designers also love venetian plaster for its character. It reflects light beautifully when polished, making spaces appear bigger and warmer.

Suffice to say, if you want people to perceive your brand as upmarket or tasteful, polished plaster is an excellent interior design choice.

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