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Plastering repairs in Christchurch

This is an article about a job we completed requiring plastering repairs. It was a family home renovation so it was important we kept the house clean and tidy for them, dust-free everyday, because they were living there, and kids were in the house.

Snippet from the article:- Wayne and his team completed the job over five consecutive days to ensure a quality finish.

“If you do too much in one day, sometimes you can get shrinkage, so it’s better if you can do one coat a day,” Wayne says.

“On a hot day you might get two coats on, but it’s got to be the right combination of air flow and heat to keep the room warm.

“The walls were lath and plaster so we didn’t really want to go over that; instead we got big rolls of fiber fuse mesh and applied it on the whole wall, and we did a complete skim,” Wayne says.

Visit the link for the full story

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