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Have you considered Microcement for your bathroom project?

The bathroom is a popular space that homeowners always want to add a little something special too– it is a space that should feel like an oasis from the daily grind. It’s a place to bathe and relax in with lit candles and a glass of wine.

There are plenty of ways to make a bathroom a nice place to spend time (think underfloor heating, whirlpool baths and chandeliers). However, when it comes to decorating a bathroom, homeowners tend to fall into the trap of using paint or wallpaper on their walls to create a colour scheme and provide ambience.

While paints and wallpapers function perfectly fine, they lack character and can cheapen expensive tiles and a luxury tub.

If you want to create a luxury bathroom, a finer solution is Microcement, which can be applied to walls to give them the appearance of solid stone. The application, unlike with tiles, is seamless, grout-free, and elegant.

Microcement is a polymer modified cement coating which is applied thinly to walls and sometimes ceilings. It is a great alternative to regular cement with more flexibility and without the thickness of regular cement, which means it is also easier to work with in small areas.

Microcement is also durable and aesthetic. With the different light throughout the day, Microcement can appear to be a completely different wall. This is why interior designers love playing around with lighting and texture.

Microcement is also mold resistant and easy to keep clean. There are no pits or fissures with microcement, therefore it makes it difficult for mold to grow. Unlike tiles, there’s no grout or seams. The walls are one seamless finish.

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