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Concrete-look Finishes

The use of concrete features indoors is not a new trend. A large number of new buildings being constructed contain some form of exposed concrete to the interiors, be it in the form of concrete floors, concrete panels or concrete bench tops. For older buildings that don’t have any exposed concrete walls then polished plaster can give the project an urban feel. The unique design attributes of polished plaster enable it to imitate concrete in its appearance but also in how it feels.

One of the services we specialise in is ‘Concrete-look Finishes’ created with polished plaster. It is a lime based interior and exterior wall coating. It enables the applicator to use different techniques during the application phase to create custom concrete effects such as panelform, planked, polished and distressed.

It also provides the look and feel of concrete at a fraction of the cost and weight of real concrete. When it comes to colour selection the depth of colours that can be achieved by the use of tints means it can create a finish that fits in well within the design of the entire space. This finish is consistent with modern architecture.

If you have any more questions about concrete-look finishes, we're happy to help wherever possible. We also do restoration or repairs on existing plaster finishes. If you need anything further, please contact us on or call us on 0211759697. We would love to hear from you!

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